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Local I/O Interrupt Controller

This controller can be found in the Loongson-3A and Loongson-2K family of processors as the package interrupt source transforming interrupts from on-chip devices to the CPU core's interrupt line. A controller can manage 32 downstream interrupts, and connect to 4 interrupt pins of 4 cores as upstream.


There are three known variants of the controller.

Version Chips Notes
1.0 3A1000 ~ 3A3000 Initial Design
1.0a 3A4000 Bug Fix + CSR ISR
2.0 2K1000 Auto Bounce


Main Registers

Most registers are bit hot, which means a bit controls an interrupt.

Name Offset Size Attribute Aviliability Description
INT_ROUTE 0x0 0x20 R/W All Route config per interrupt, a byte for a interrupt
ISR 0x20 0x4 RO All Interrupt status (1 for pending)
IEN 0x24 0x4 RO All Interrupt enabled (1 for enabled)
IEN_SET 0x28 0x4 WO All Enable interrupt (write 1 for set)
IEN_CLR 0x2c 0x4 WO All Clear and Disable interrupt (write 1 for clear)
INT_POL 0x30 0x4 R/W All? Interrupt trigger polarity (1 for high, 0 for low)
INT_EDGE 0x34 0x4 R/W All? Interrupt trigger type (1 for edge, 0 for level)
INT_BOUNCE 0x38 0x4 R/W 2.0 Interrupt Bounce Config
INT_AUTO 0x3c 0x4 R/W 2.0 Interrupt Auto Config

per-core ISRs

ISR for every core appears to be different on different chips. For 3A4000 there is even a CSR register to read local ISR. Please check the chip's page.



Every downstream interrupt can be routed to a core's interrupt line via INT_ROUTE register. For a single downstream interrupt, it's one-byte route config register contains two parts, target core, and target pin.

bit 7:4 0:3
Pin (Each bit for a pin) Core (Each bit for a core)

Pin 0~3 means IP2~5 of MIPS core.

Note that only one pin in one core as the target is allowed for a downstream interrupt.

Auto Bounce



LPC Suprious

Interrupts triggered by LPC (INT 10) sometimes missing in the ISR register. If the upstream core receives an interrupt but failed to read anything from ISR than it should come from LPC.

It has been fixed in version 1.0a.

Junk ISR

In version 2.0, ISR sometimes contains junk. Please read per-core ISR instead of the main ISR.

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